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shoot a pm or email at hyenaedona72@gmail.com Open for Commissions and whatnot.

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Open For Music & SFX Commissions!

Hey everyone!

Just letting ya know that I'm down to make some sweet custom music and sound effects for your projects. I specialize in a mixture of electronic and orchestral styles, focusing on music for video games. However I'm also open to trying all different genres and styles, as well as do sound work for animations, videos, and anything else you could need.

Here's a sample of a more orchestral track that I've done.

Aaand here's a more electronic sample.

Check out ALL of my current work up on my Newgrounds Audio Page or my Youtube Channel (Newer tracks are more representative of my current style/skill level)

My prices for tracks/SFX are as follows:

Song Estimates:

1:00 or below track/loop $45 CAD

1:00 - 2:30 track/loop $90 CAD

2:30 - 4:30 track/loop $180 CAD

5:00+ track/loop Discuss Length and Price

SFX Estimates:

Short Sound Effects (less than 0:10) Discuss Amount + Price

Ambient Soundscape, phrase, SFX Loop etc. $15 CAD

(all payments done through paypal)

Depending on the length and complexity of the track, it could take anywhere from 5 hours to 20 hours or more to finish. I'm open to be flexible with rates and whatnot depending on your specific project. We can also discuss the exclusivity of the commission and other details privately.

PM me here on Newgrounds or email me at hyenaedona72@gmail.com to discuss details. =}


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Hey there Newgrounds connoisseurs, just thought i'd let ya know that a cover of "Spanish Waltz" from Castle Crashers by my friend Maximum Guitar and I just came out on Youtube, and it would be really neat if you checked it out HERE! This was part of the recent celebration of Castle Crashers coming to Switch and PS4 and it was super crazy to be able to actually help out with it. Big kudos to Max, and I guess more original tracks coming soooon...

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