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Posted by Hyenaedon - October 15th, 2019

Hey there Newgrounds connoisseurs, just thought i'd let ya know that a cover of "Spanish Waltz" from Castle Crashers by my friend Maximum Guitar and I just came out on Youtube, and it would be really neat if you checked it out HERE! This was part of the recent celebration of Castle Crashers coming to Switch and PS4 and it was super crazy to be able to actually help out with it. Big kudos to Max, and I guess more original tracks coming soooon...

Posted by Hyenaedon - June 17th, 2019

Hey there peeps, just thought I would make a News Post to tell you all that my entry to AIM 2019 was just uploaded, and you should like, totally check it out:

besides that, I guess i'm just making this to say that i'm still here doing stuff, although i'm really unsure of what direction I am going (not just in music/newgrounds) versus which I should be going. I'm thinking of trying to audition for NGADM this year cause I think it'll be a nice challenge, but at the same time it could end up being too much? I guess we'll see.

In more real life news, I'm gonna be looking for a job this summer to help improve my sick bedroom studio, and just get some experience that way I guess. Also gonna be heading down to PAX West later this summer, so that should be fun! Anyways I don't know if anyone actually cares about all this, but there it is. If you're just waiting for more music, i'm gonna be workin' a lot more during the summer, so stay tuned =)

Posted by Hyenaedon - December 12th, 2018

So I thought now would be as good a time as any to make my first news post. The year has been great so far and I'm really excited to release my Holiday themed song soon! All I can say is it's gonna be really happy and fun ;) on another note, I do have plans for other songs afterwards too, but of course you never know if they will pan out or not, so stay tuned...

Besides that, all I wanna say is thanks to all you fans who are following me here, and to anyone who just listens to my songs and enjoys them, it means a lot <3

edit: Almost forgot to mention! Please please please check out -Rift- by @HOJL, @ThaPredator, @Hypervolt and I. We worked really hard on it and it would be great to have more love on it =}